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Welcome to Inkmato Productions! We have a few rules & guidelines that we encourage you to read over.
Try to read over the section that best fits your question(s)!
OrderingAll art (excluding "as is" sketches) come with a 25% risk-free trial before you buy. This means you get to see 25% of the image before you decide on paying. Once you have made the decision to pay for your work, there will be absolutely NO refunds unless the artist is unable to process & complete your drawing (example: emergencies). Sketches come "as is" & are bought upfront. There is absolutely no refunds unless so-said emergency arises or the artist for whatever reason is unable to complete the image. All orders are to be made through Paypal (for the time being). All orders are to be made IN FULL.What you cannot (or can) order from usHere at Inkmato, the artist will NOT be drawing hentai, gore, hateful or otherwise racist images; no "revenge" art displaying the death of another player's character, so on so forth. We do, however, accept nude commissions if it falls into a tasteful yet artistic category. The artist will not partake in drawing over-sexualized poses. The poses you choose must be plain & simple (no leg gaping, groin grabbing, anything that comes off sexual will be declined). Any nude art drawn by Inkmato will NOT be posted on our website or social media. We also decline Loli, Child, & Lalalfell nudity. With these they must be fully clothed within a safe for work environment for us to produce the commission for you.Usage, credit, etc.We love the idea that you wish to post your commission(s) onto your social media! Once a drawing is handed off to you, we really only ask that you credit Inkmato by directing your viewers to our site or media. Otherwise, we may have to send someone to kindly ask that you remove it if you choose not to comply with crediting the source.Royalty feesThis really only applies to merchandise such as shirts, keychains, album covers, etc. If you know you are going to sell the art on products, we will work out a percent in private, as each company will have a different price point.Private CommissionsIn some cases, folks may wish to keep their orders from off the web. If we cannot promote it, we may have to charge an additional fee to give up our rights to keep it private. This will be discussed during your order & whether adjustments need to be assigned.Where to inquire about commissionsTo order a commission, you will need to visit the "Follow & Contact Us" section on the front page. To check
The price of our commissions, visit "Commission Info" on the front page.
ContestsInkmato will graciously host giveaways from time to time; They will be hosted either on Instagram, twitter, discord, within FFXIV or even at conventions. The idea is to make someone's day & the drawings we produce do not really take all that long to do. Contests may last from minutes, to hours, or up to a month. Once a winner is selected, he or she has up to seven days to hand over any references of the character they wish to have drawn; you can request your own toons to be drawn, or characters from another game, comic, or whatever!

Current commission status: CLOSED
Estimated opening of commissions: September 1st, 2024
---Fully colored portrait = $100 USD
Includes a 25% risk-free trial before you pay. Once paid, no refunds can be issued
"Unless" the artist is unable to complete the order. Revisions after payment will
be made to try and ensure flawless commission requests. You will also receive a 15
second video of your commission being worked on (free of charge).
OTHER SERVICESThoughtful / helpful Critique advice per art piece = $5 USD
Includes paint-overs if needed to help you succeed!
Beginner private art lessons = $15 USD / hourly rate Monday - Friday / 2 hours each day.
Schedule is based on your individual needs & comes with tailored homework charts.
Currently not taking student enrollment until September 1st, 2024. Classes are full!---FOR THOSE ORDERINGEach image (fully colored) roughly takes two to five hours to complete (Sketches take 5-10 minutes).
All drawings are typically delivered within two to five days, whether it's colored or just a sketch. In some cases,
images can be delivered the same day that they were purchased! In other cases, a drawing may take a week or so
to complete; we will let you know if we need more time due to delays. We try not to take on commissions
that we know we cannot complete within orderly fashion.
Please provide sufficient references before we begin your orders. In rare cases, refunds are given if the
artist is unable to work. Please be sure to read our Terms & Conditions before ordering!
---For those who want art, but can't afford it, we offer a few options to obtain a drawing from Inkmato!Send three, get one free!
If you send three people to buy (who mention you as a reference), you can get ONE free colored drawing.
You can do this however many times you want to collect art with us!
Enter our art raffles!
We plan to host raffles across our various platforms; if you want art, just be on the lookout for our raffles,
whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, partnered streams, Conventions, or even within the
FFXIV game chat! Be on the lookout, we'll offer them whenever we're least busy.
Help promote Inkmato however you can!
Love our work but can't afford it? No problem! Volunteer & help us promote our brand by sharing our
name across social media / Discord. All you need to do is provide proof that you volunteered with Inkmato
for a total of 8 hours (That's roughly 12 USD an hour) to earn a drawing worth $100 USD. Take as long as you
need, there's definitely no rush to earn a drawing by helping us out in anyway possible! This position is also
limited & goes based on a first come, first serve basis. Ask to see if we need volunteers for this position!

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Hello! My name is Sylvia. I began my art journey in 1997. I have been working on and off
professionally since 2011. In my earlier years, I drew sports art for NHL and NFL reporters,
some which made it to major sites such as the Washington Post. Between 2013 to 2023,
I had to take a hiatus to caretake for my family, thus lost a lot of my ability to draw what I
once could. I have recently enrolled in Marc Brunet's "Art School" Program to hone my
skills once more. I am also currently in a mentorship program with Conquest Publishing to one
day re-enter the professional world of art. I am looking forward in working commercial
once more! I am hoping with love and support, you all will help me reach my goals to one day
become a positive art influencer within the community. I would love to help teach those to
draw, show step by steps, and offer merch to my wonderful friends, family and fans alike!
Thank you for your continued support!